Camera 1-30-16 126When I hear the word pleasure I immediately think of the word pain.  Why is that?  Pain and pleasure.  Pleasure and pain.  They go hand in hand.  With the possibility of pain there can never be any pleasure.  Every time we are happy we also risk the chance of a pain like no other.  When we commit to someone, be it in a friendship or a partnership we must open ourselves up to the possibility of pain.  We always risk suffering a loss when we allow ourselves to care about someone.  It’s hard to understand sometimes.  Why do we have pets when we know that we are going to outlive them?  We get attached to these animals that we know will die at some point.  But the happiness and joy we get from that pleasure is worth the pain that it will bring in the end.  Because we all deserve to be happy, the pain is worth the risk.

Inspired by the daily prompt:  Pleasure

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